Mmm. Here, We Eat Dirt and We Like It

Today the TNGOP is urging radio stations across the state to play “patriotic” music in order to show Michelle Obama how much Tennessee loves America, unlike Michelle Obama, who hates America so much she’s married to a U.S. senator.  Because, of course, that’ll learn her.

On the one hand, I have to admit, I love this stuff, watching Hobbs act like some two-bit hack blogger.  On the other hand, it’s kind of embarrassing to watch Hobbs acting like some two-bit hack blogger now that he’s got this big important political job.

I mean, please.  Is this their argument?  Don’t vote for Obama, his wife’s not grateful enough?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

4 thoughts on “Mmm. Here, We Eat Dirt and We Like It

  1. I’m having fun mentally programming an afternoon of patriotic music. Of course, my list might look a bit different from Hobbs’s.

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