Attention, My Fellow Feminists

Many of you are yet again threatening to not vote for Obama, should he become the Democratic nominee, because he is a sexist pig.

I must remind you that there is a world of difference between “sweetie” and “cunt.”  And as much as I despise being called “sweetie,” I hate being called “cunt” a whole lot worse.

If Obama is the Democratic nominee and you don’t vote for him, you will be helping to elect a man who calls his wife “cunt” in public.  You will be helping to elect a man from a party that thinks taking cheap shots at a woman not even running for office is acceptable.  You will be helping to elect a man who can’t imagine ending this war, which has been devastating to the women of Iraq and a grueling strain on the women of the armed forces (and the wives and daughters of the men of the armed forces), until 2013 at the earliest.

You want to play chicken with our future?


I can issue ultimatums, too.

If you help to elect John McCain, who is running as a Bush 3.0, if you help elect a man whose every campaign promise seems to share a core of increasing suffering in the world, history will view you as idiots.

Neither Clinton nor Obama is a perfect candidate.  But either of them is one million times better than McCain.

I don’t care how you do it.  Hold your nose.  Promise yourself you’ll do this one thing and then you’re seriously moving to Canada.  Get so drunk you won’t remember voting for Obama.  Vote for Obama and write in “Fucky McFuckerson (D)” for every other race.  Vote for Obama and then print yourself up a bunch of “Chelsea Clinton 2016” shirts and start campaigning.  Whatever you need to do to get yourself at peace with it.

But you have got to make an effective vote against McCain.

If you don’t, his presidency is on your hands.


9 thoughts on “Attention, My Fellow Feminists

  1. Seriously, what’s with the “(D)”? I’m pretty sure that guy is an “(R)” :-)

  2. Ya know, I call people sweetie all the time—not in the ironic sense where it is meant to be condescending, but in the familial sense. In the sense that I work with people whom I feel close to, who work hard with me, who complete projects with me. Sometimes they are my contemporaries, and we become close friends in our work situations. Sometimes they are 10 or 15 years younger and I’m sure there is some maternal or sisterly aspect to my feelings about them. Sometimes they are older and my respect for their age, wisdom, and experience causes me to look up to them in a warm way.

    On the other hand. the man I work with every day who is some 16 years older never calls me sweetie and I never call him sweetie. He’s not demonstrative, and so I naturally am, likewise, not demonstrative to him.

    So c’mon! Maybe it’s because I’m older. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family where saying things like “sweetie” or “honey” meant that you cared about someone. It doesn’t have to be a loaded word. If it bothers you, I think it’s fair to mention it to the person calling you sweetie that it bothers you. But I think we all need to be fair about how, for me and others, “sweetie” is used as a familial add on that denotes care for the other person.

    Oooo, way back when this was a sticky point in a Woman’s Studies class, and I got into it with a professor on the point. In the end, it was a draw. I understood where using this familiar can be out of place and condescending, and she understood where it is used to denote familiarity, comradely, and comfort.

    I am woman! Hear me roar, sweetie!

  3. As I said to SayUncle, you aren’t voting for Homecoming King. You’re voting for President. Is this the most heinous thing that a man ever did? I think everyone who is shitting their pants about this needs to step on back and get a sense of proportion about the relative weight of potential harms. Besides, it is perfectly possible that someone who is a complete fuck (Nixon) can wind up with advisors that craft reasonable social policies toward women and dependent chlidren. And who knows? Obama appears educable to me and smart people learn from mistakes. (Unlike our current “stay the course” sort of a feller.)

    I call everyone in my familiar circle “babe” or “shug,” which makes me sound like a truckstop waitress and is *really strange* up here in the Land of Perpetual Cold. It’s a speech habit signifying my comfort and intimacy, and in some ways, the boundary between my public life and my private life.

  4. Oh, but the big flipside of Nixon’s social programs of making reproductive care and contraception more widely available to low-income families was that his advisors in the BIA also greenlighted the practice of forcible sterilization of Indian women who came in for an appendectomy and left not knowing that they also had been given a hysterectomy.

    So, sometimes a complete fuck really is a complete fuck. I guess you have to decide whether calling someone “sweetie” is morally equivalent to engaging in acts of genocide. Me, I’d say no.

  5. or calling someone a cunt.

    Sticks and stones, ya know.

    By the way, does anyone have a youtube of McCain calling his wife that? I’ve heard that he said it, buy haven’t seen any video on it.

  6. We’re never going to get ‘perfectly acceptable’

    Perfection doesn’t exist.

    The Senator from Illinois, has in fact shown that he’s a quick study.

    Most ‘quick study’ persons I know make many mistakes, but rarely the same mistake twice.

  7. By the way, does anyone have a youtube of McCain calling his wife that? I’ve heard that he said it, buy haven’t seen any video on it.

    The line actually comes from the book “The Real McCain” by Cliff Schecter allegedly as part of a story recounted to him by three Arizona reporters sharing on the condition of anonymity. It was in ’92 and so McCain wasn’t a huge name on the national scene at the time.

    If the accusation is false, McCain isn’t denying (or confirming) it.

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