We Could Come to an Arrangement

So, yesterday, Hutchmo put me in his convertable (seriously, he was all like “I’ll come get you” and I was like “Oh, no need” and he insisted and then he pulled up and I laughed like a school girl) and drove me around his neck of the woods to look at Germantown, Salemtown, Hope Gardens, and Old Buena Vista and, of course, like everyone who goes over there is, I was instantly smitten and convinced that I needed to live in a big old house (or a new house designed to look like an old house) with a big front porch and sidewalks and neighbors who will drive me around in their convertables.

And, since it doesn’t appear that any of you are about to write me a check for $200,000 free and clear so that I can live in a new house designed to look like an old house or an old house that has been refurbished, I would have to buy an old house and refurbish it.

With no refurbishing skills.

Which, might be a problem, with the whole refurbishing bit being an integral part of my plan.

But, here’s my idea.

You are an out of work home builder, because the economy is so bad.  I am a girl with good insurance.  We get married and I put you on my insurance and you fix up either this house (which doesn’t have a porch, but you could fix that) or this house (which looks like it walked right out of my dreams) for me.  If we learn to love each other, great.  If not, when the house is done, we go our separate ways. 

You must love dogs, tolerate cats, enjoy roust-about brothers, or in your case, brothers-in-law, and lazy women. 

Inquire below.

3 thoughts on “We Could Come to an Arrangement

  1. I know you still have a lot of looking left, but both of these houses are beautiful. I’m very excited to see where you end up!

    And, of course, if you decided to change your life completely with a move, I know of a lovely suburban Chicago townhouse that’s going on the market soon!

    Yeah, OK, absolutely not what you are looking for but I figured it was worth a shot. :)

  2. Check out the historic 1920’s home being renovated at 1008 Stainback (down the street from me at 1004) and scheduled to be finished near the end of the month. The owner (pastor of Ray of Hope church) expects to ask around $130,000 for it fully renovated (new electric, plumbing, HVAC, rear deck, etc).

    It’s not on the market yet, so you’ve got the advantage. It’s a nice quiet street and I am currently surrounded by renovations, most going for more like $180,000 to $200,000.

  3. Those houses are adorable.

    How much rehabbing do they need? Because I’m betting if conditions were right you could get a construction loan and hire a rehabber.

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