No! Don’t Ruin It for Me! No!

So, Nashville, even though Hobbs is trying yet again to turn Obama’s defense of his wife from Hobbs’s stupid attack into a negative, which we all know I find hilarious, and even though I was going to spend my lunch hour writing a post about how the most important thing for us locally has, as of yet, gone unnoticed (which is that the line between Hobbs’s personal blog and his professional blog is all but gone), I now have to turn my attention to your ruining of my lunch.

Listen, it is hilariously funny that Hobbs, who is attempting to set himself up as some moral arbiter of all that is good and righteous in the world, used a man who owned a strip club in his infamous attack ad on Obama.  It is funny because it shows Hobbs for the moral opportunist he is.  And hypocrisy, when it doesn’t hurt anybody, is funny.

But, and I think this is an important distinction you are missing, there’s nothing wrong with owning a strip club, per se.  Were the strippers treated unfairly?  Were they doing other, illegal activities in the club?  I haven’t heard anything suggesting that.  So, he’s not been accused of aiding in the commission of a crime and he’s not being called on his poor treatment of his employees.

So, back off Bob Pope.

Good lord, people.  He owned a strip club twenty years ago.  So what?  We’re running a state here, not a Sunday School.  Pope can still be proud to be an American, he can still participate in smear jobs on Michelle Obama if he wants.  Running a strip club in your younger days doesn’t mean you don’t have valid opinions.

You want to dog on Mr. Sanctimonious Hobbs for consorting with folks who ran strip clubs?  Fine.

Don’t be dogging on the folks who ran strip clubs.

It makes it harder for me to enjoy Hobbs’s antics.

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  2. You’re right, Hobbs uses his personal blog as a TNGOP mouthpiece. Everything he writes on it is an official TNGOP statement.

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