Someone Send Campfield a Copy of the Constitution

Because he’s apparently unaware of the 14th Amendment.

I tried to add an amendment to a bill that would have removed all state services to illegal immigrants not mandated by federal law. It would also stop the issuance of state issued birth certificates unless one parent was a legal citizen. It was killed 57 to 39. [emphasis mine]

Good god.  What a cruel jackass.

4 thoughts on “Someone Send Campfield a Copy of the Constitution

  1. I think I’d have emphasized “It was killed 57 to 39.”

    Campfield isn’t the only one of your legislatures who needs a copy of the Constitution.

  2. Is there a Democrat running against Campfield this cycle? I would like to send a check. Maybe 39 checks.

  3. Either the legislator in question is unaware of the 14th Amendment, or he (along with 38 others) is using the legislative process to make a statement.

    In either case, what will it say about his district if he’s re-elected?

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