Bird Brain

By way of Archcrone, I bring you the story of a parrot who managed to get himself back home because he knew his address!

I have to admit, I’m kind of freaked out by birds, especially big parrots, because they seem like they might claw you or peck your eyes out, but my mom once had a crow befriend her, which I thought was cool.

My point is that I’m both freaked out by birds and fascinated by them and this story is cool.

4 thoughts on “Bird Brain

  1. A parrots beak holds tremendous strength. A umbrella cockatoo bites with something like 700psi with their beak. Compare that to a rottie that had something like 1800psi in it’s jaw. In other words, they can do damage.

    They also sense fear, and will use your fear to their advantage and dominate you. Before I learned one of my cockatoos body language, I interfered with her as she was trying to nest by eating up all the baseboards. I bent over to pick her up and she grabbed a hold of my nostril and promptly pierced it.

    That said, it was my cockatoos that were the only family members that literally told me “I love you” when I was dx w/bc.

  2. What?! Your bird bit you in the nose?! I have to go outside today, you know. Where there are birds. Who can sense fear. You know they’re tiny dinosaurs, right?

    Okay, freakout over. I do love that they can talk to us though. That part is cool.

  3. The talking part is really cool, and the Angel bird doesn’t say “I love you very often.” In fact, in 7 years of her living with me, she’s only said it twice. But, she also says it at the most appropriate times. This is one of the reasons bird owners have a strong tendency to humanize their pet parrots.

    All parrots have the ability to talk, but not all parrots will talk. And never, ever, buy a parrot just to have a pet that talks. Here is a little piece of interesting info — for years, it was a budgie (parakeets that you buy for around $20 in pet stores) that held the largest vocabulary until an African Grey took over the “title”. The thing with these tiny parakeets, they have such tiny voices that many people don’t realize their pet parakeet is even talking!

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