I Wondered if They Looked at the House before They Priced It

Usually, Kathy T is like a real estate sherpa.  She walks into a situation, instantly finds her bearings, and can expertly guide you around.

But yesterday, we saw a house so ridiculous that I came into the living room to find her sitting in a dazed confusion.

They wanted one-thirty for the house, in a nice, but not too nice, neighborhood in East Nashville, kind of near the greenway.  There were three big pot-holes in the driveway.

The two front rooms were so charming you about couldn’t stand it.  And even the kitchen tile was dated in a way that was on the verge of coming back into style.  But we started to make a list of all the things you’d have to do to make it possible to live there–make it so the kitchen cabinet doors shut, peel off every inch of wallpaper in the house in order to keep it from falling on you in the night, either carpet the floors or finish pulling off the tack strips, redo the bathroom, or at least the floor and the tub, replace the missing light fixtures and fix the remaining ones, replace all the rotting linoleum.  And that’s just what you’d have to do to get in there and be able to live.  It was going to need a complete kitchen overhaul very soon among other things.

Anyway, I think what stunned Kathy into shock was that the wallpaper was just curling off the walls.  It would have been nothing to take it off, because it was coming off on its own.

We also looked at a house on the river, in a neighborhood near some gasoline containers, with only one way in and out of the neighborhood, near those gasoline containers, which means, I suppose, that, if there is a fire of some sort, you’re in trouble.

I’m afraid I’m about at the point where Kathy’s going to say “You will live here and you will like it” at the next remotely plausible thing we find.

7 thoughts on “I Wondered if They Looked at the House before They Priced It

  1. B, remember that you’re in no hurry. (Sorry, Kathy. ;-) ) Things are overpriced and at some point those prices will have to come down.

  2. That’s exactly true, nm. BUT I told B. that I’m picking the houses next round to look at since she’s done the last two or three or four. :) (I’ve lost count! haha). I’ve got it narrowed to 20 at this point and am whittling down my list.

  3. B, hang in there. Our Realtor took us to 13 houses on the first or second time out. We had picked 12 of them – number 13, Realtor-identified, is the one we fell in love with.

  4. Yeah, now that I think of it: we had spent a couple of weeks e-mailing with our realtors about houses that we could see only on-line, because we were in NJ, and them e-mailing us back with other suggestions, and us telling them why we didn’t like their suggestions, and making other suggestions. The way you do when you are coming into town for a week to choose a house. And when we got here, we had a couple of dozen choices we had put together from our suggestions and their suggestions, and they told us about a house that had just had its price lowered that according to what we had told them we would love. And it is the one we ended up buying, and as you know, we love it. I do like to think that if we had spent the travel day looking at new listings and new prices online we would have found it for ourselves, but the truth is that our agents picked it out, and they were right.

  5. Part of the mojo of a really good Realtor is that they can read listings and get a good picture. People often describe things in really weird ways that don’t make sense to a laymen. Kathy sounds like one of the good ones.
    She’s also getting a really good read on you by looking at places with you. At this point I bet she knows what will delight you and what will leave you cold. She probably has a couple of places that if the seller gets anxious and lowers the price would be perfect and can probably find you what you’re looking for.
    Don’t lose hope, you could be in Seattle where anything in town goes for $300,000.

  6. You will find it when it’s the right one. Or quite possibly, it will find you.

    I don’t want to scare you, but it took my mom about 6 or 7 years of looking before she finally found the perfect one. It won’t take you that long, I’m sure, since you are in a metro area & not BFE upper NW TN. But yeah, other than one bathroom I’m not particularly fond of – or the house I grew up in – nobody could have built her a house more perfect for her. When she walked in it the first time, she just knew this was her house.

    We moved 4 or 5 times from the time I was 13 to 17, and I bet we looked at 20-25 houses every single time. For a while there it seemed like every time I turned around Mom was dragging me with her to see another house.

    You’ll find it, and I’m pretty sure you’ll know just like she did when you walk in the door – it’s the one.

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