Maybe… Mayay…beee…

The only thing worse than watching a cute man go through your iPod with a furrowed brow is watching a man go through all the houses you’re considering buying and pointing out things like “They don’t appear to have actually put any support there” or “Hmm. That’s some mold they’ve got there” or “Is that some kind of weird insulation or have we stumbled upon a huge coke stash?”

But, after much hmming and ahmumming and manly grunting, one house, the house brought a slight smile to Mack’s face. Slight.

And then he said, “Yeah, I think you could put my chair right there.”

So, I have to talk to the Butcher tonight, but this may be it.

Do you want to see pictures? Of course you do. Okay, here are some.

Wait? Why Was Smith on that Commission to Begin With?

I swear, sometimes this state makes me laugh so hard.  You may remember Robin Smith, who is Bill Hobbs’s boss over at the TNGOP, and who has been very public in her support of Hobbs’s efforts to inform the whole world that Tennessee is a state that hates Muslims and likes to pick on women.

Well, it turns out that there’s a petition to get her off the Governor’s…

oh god…

Hold on a second.  I have to compose myself.

Okay, let’s try again.

You can sign a petition to get her off the Human Rights Commission.

What in the world is Smith doing on the Human Righs Commission in the first place?!

Why would she have been asked?  Why would she have accepted?  Is this a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?  Is the Democratic party in this state so screwed up that they’d not recognize a spy in their midst?

I mean, it’s like putting me on the Republican Welcoming Committee.

Ha, ha.  Is there such a thing?  Because the governor should totally appoint me to that.