Maybe… Mayay…beee…

The only thing worse than watching a cute man go through your iPod with a furrowed brow is watching a man go through all the houses you’re considering buying and pointing out things like “They don’t appear to have actually put any support there” or “Hmm. That’s some mold they’ve got there” or “Is that some kind of weird insulation or have we stumbled upon a huge coke stash?”

But, after much hmming and ahmumming and manly grunting, one house, the house brought a slight smile to Mack’s face. Slight.

And then he said, “Yeah, I think you could put my chair right there.”

So, I have to talk to the Butcher tonight, but this may be it.

Do you want to see pictures? Of course you do. Okay, here are some.

22 thoughts on “Maybe… Mayay…beee…

  1. I can totally visualize a beer fridge in that carport (with a lock on it, of course) to encourage people (me) to join you on washer/dryer transfer runs.

    Best of luck, B.!

  2. It’s up off Dickerson just south of 65. And, the best part is that I could walk to the liquor store. Ha, I totally could put a little fridge in the car port!

  3. I’m sure y’all can see, too, though, why I said there’s going to have to be some painting. That weird red has got to go and the front door begs to be gold, I think.

  4. It looks great. I specially like the brick arch over the fireplace.

    (Dude. Get a flickr account. It’s free. And then we could go look there for larger views.)

  5. ok, the photos of the house make it seem really rad… tons of possibilities! And the washer/dryer off the carport in that setting isn’t a deal breaker.

    Wow, good luck!

  6. Dude. Get a flickr account. It’s free.

    That reminds me…did you see my photos (that I sent Flickr link e-mail to you for you to see)?

  7. It looks fantastic. The weird red is the same colour as our master bathroom and you’re right. It’s weird and tiresome to live with. We’ve been working up the nerve to paint over ours for awhile now.

    The best thing about needing to paint a new house is that it’s the best way to put your stamp on it.

    the front door begs to be gold

    but…but…but… all the feng shui decorating nerds would have a fit! don’t you know ALL front doors are supposed to be red?

  8. Speaking of which, you ought to go back there tonight to see what it’s like around there on church nights. And to talk with some of the neighbors.

  9. There are a lot of cool landscaping and garden possibilities here, especially with the retro built in planter. The one last boxwood will have to go, but I see some good shad from a tree.

    You could have an entire rosemary hedge along the front.

  10. Nicer than where I live…maybe I should have stayed at Cornell U Press instead of becoming a professor…

  11. That fireplace is begging for stories to go along with it. And it would filll me with so much glee to pee in that pistachio potty some day… And roller-skate in the car port. Weee!

  12. This is the one, this is the one. I love it.

    And like Lesley mentioned, I would go so totally ’50s & ’60s retro with that thing. There’s a shop down here called Flashback I could probably 90% furnish that house with.

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