Signs and Portents

I had two dreams last night.  In one, I was putting a compost pile in my back yard and wondering if I could put dwarf lavender along the side fence.

In the other, I realized that Bridgett wasn’t just showing up to chat about the Civil War but that I was taking a class from her and that I had a paper due in two days.  Her TA, an old, old man, would not accept it late.  I had decided to write about Civil War Tent-Makers.

This morning, when I got up to walk the dog, we were greeted by a large crow, who flew, just ahead of us from tree to tree and then called to us until we caught up.  Finally, when we hit the house of the dog who looks like Dr. Phil, it flew off over the interstate.

7 thoughts on “Signs and Portents

  1. In point of fact, I am giving my final today and will be collecting papers from students. However, the class is on Colonial North America, so you should have been writing on the American Revolution. (Don’t worry, I checked my course roster and you’re not enrolled.)

    I was up late editing my husband’s conference paper and then woke up ridiculously early when I was poked in the eye by a stray sunbeam. I’m going to try to catch a nap before class or I’ll nod off while proctoring…that would make a poor final impression.

    Ooooh! Dwarf lavender! How much sun does that need?

  2. Is there such a thing? I need to look it up on the internet. In my dream, I was sure there was. But I actually have no idea.

  3. Dwarf lavender — drought-tolerant, but needs full sun. Good for a place that might be nibbled on by deer.

    Dwarf lilac — go for a Korean variety (I’d suggest the Little Kim, but then it would be boob-flashing the church and you’d occasionally have to bail it out of jail) as they can bloom twice a year in more temperate climates.

  4. I dreamed of spiders. Thousands of spiders.

    I dreamed that spiders were taking over my house. They were crawling all over my carpet, which in the dream was brown and camouflaged the spiders until I looked really close. (My real carpet is beige). For some reason, Mack was in the dream…oh yeah…he was telling me how to get rid of the spiders. He’s so handy with helpful hints that way. I’m not sure why I dreamed this, but even though you weren’t in the dream physically, you were “there”…

    I have no idea what was up with that dream…I hope it wasn’t a premonition!

  5. How cool to invent plants in your dreams! I have invented (created?) an entire Old 97s album (actually, I’ve done this twice, although they aren’t my favorite band in the world by far) and once an English-Russian dictionary that was set up just the way I wanted to use it. But plants are … well … cooler, somehow.

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