And We Liked It!

I can remember when the thought of ever needing a gig of memory on your computer was some hilarious far off future unimaginable need.  Everything, everything, we thought, that we could possibly accrue in our lifetimes to fit on our computer would surely fit on a gig of space and that would be a computer so huge as to be ridiculous for us to have in our homes.

In related news, I just filled up my 4-gig iPod, which I carry around in my pocket.  And I am mad that it’s so little space.

4 thoughts on “And We Liked It!

  1. as a thirtysomething computer geek, i keep getting that feeling all the time.

    why, i remember the first harddisk i ever got, and installed myself; it was the size of a shoebox, almost, the weight of a brick, and its capacity was so unimaginably huge, it would surely never fill up. after all, who could ever generate thirty megabytes of data?

  2. Yeah, my realization came when I bought my first 60 gig harddrive. I recalled when my uncle had gotten a 2 gig harddrive, and I informed him that’d he’d NEVER be able to fill it up. I mean 1 gig seemed like practically infinite space and he had TWO.

  3. I received a 60 GB iPod as payment for a job and I’m only half-way full on it – and I’ve got a coffee table full of CDs that I am still uploading to it – I have 278 Rolling Stones songs on there alone. So I recommend that model or larger if you’re going to upgrade.

    There is a place in Brentwood that repairs and refurbishes iPods for sale. Their website is — perhaps if you are looking to upgrade, you can find a bargain that way?

  4. My mom and I have a laugh frequently over the first PC we ever bought (it’s still back there in my back bedroom, in fact), which replaced a Commodore 64.

    It has a 10 meg hard drive & 4 meg of RAM, which “they” said at the time was more RAM than anyone would ever need. Heh.

    I have more computers and motherboards and hard drives of all flavors back there and could probably open my own PC museum but that one’s the real doozy.

    The other thing that really just kills me is when I see prices of new hard drives at the store. The first then-“significantly big” drive I ever got was a 976 meg, USED hard drive… for $235. EEK.

    Shoot, if I’d had the money and wanted to, I could have bought a WHOLE PC with an 80 GB drive, 1 gig of RAM, and all the bells and whistles for $299 at Wal-Mart last week. Ha.

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