Blegh Blah Bluh

I had to get up in what amounted to the middle of my night to drive the Butcher to work and on the one hand it was totally worth it because the lightning was amazing but on the other hand, I’m all discombobulated.  It feels like it’s much earlier than it actually is.

But I was glad to have the minutes in the car through empty streets under the blinking lights and the blinking sky to talk to him.

I tried to spend my evening laying in bed listening to sad music, but I got bored and so instead spent the evening watching scary movies on the couch with the dog.

And this morning I find Kathy T. has already filled my inbox with other possibilities.

3 thoughts on “Blegh Blah Bluh

  1. that was some amazing lightning. As if there were all white fireworks behind the clouds. I saw it shortly after midnight and wanted to call to let you know the rain was coming. But that was for sure to late to call. But did it actually rain, or was is all a tease?

  2. A couple of years ago I was coming home from a football game – about a two-hour drive – and the entire night sky was an incredible flicker and flash the whole trip. It was one of those freaky storms that sends the lightning skittering across and behind the clouds instead of single strokes straight to the ground. I was mesmerized and wished I had been riding with someone else who could appreciate the show.

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