I May Have Been a Tad Premature About Feeling Premature About the Paint Picking-Outing

So, dear friends and casual observers, we may get the house with the big back yard and the car port and the awesome fireplace after all.

So, what can I say?

Holy shit.

We have a verbal agreement in place and they’re formalizing their counter offer and I, I am back to considering what color we’re going to paint the front door.

The house is red brick with white trim.  I want to paint the door a sunflower gold and then plant black-eyed Susans or some similar flower in the front.

I am scared to death about how we’re going to afford this and whether we’ll be sitting around all winter in fourteen layers of afghan slowly burning our furniture to keep warm.  But, on the other hand, the yard is big enough for a garden, so when we run out of oil and revert to cannibalism, I’ll have some nice greens to eat with my neighbor.

15 thoughts on “I May Have Been a Tad Premature About Feeling Premature About the Paint Picking-Outing

  1. Wow! So cool!

    Plant some coreopsis (tickseed) and then we’ll both have it next to our front doors. It is drought-tolerant and it reminds one of Midwestern pastures minus the…well, you know.

  2. That’s great to hear!

    Hopefully Nashville doesn’t get as cold as Cleveland. I keep my heat at 61-64 degrees in the winter and sometimes it is in the teens and twenties for weeks on end. It does require sweaters and blankets on the couch, but it’s not too bad. One positive — it eliminates dry winter skin!

  3. Woo hoo! Add a couple of gerbera daisies to those black-eyed susans and you will have the prettiest front door in Nashville.

  4. I have black eyed susans (rudbeckia goldsturm) that you could have for free, lots of coreopsis that will be going to seed for next year too.

    Could be karma.

  5. Whooooops. Apologies. I forgot Her Mousiness often visits. Please explain that I am a foul-mouthed hussy and she should watch out and pray for folk like me.

  6. Grandfille, I kid you not, 5 minutes before i checked back here i heard a very loud “SHIT!” come out of her bedroom. Apparently, she dropped something on her toe…

    I’m blaming B….

  7. Oh B, I’m so glad. Like Coble, I just had a good feeling about that one. I’ll keep sending good karma towards it tho. But woohoo.

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