Oh, Come on, Tiny Pasture!

Tiny Pasture today reports on the big Hobbs story in the Sunday paper.  And yet, he leaves the obvious comment uncommented upon.  For shame, Tiny Pasture, for shame.  Look at the comedic potential.

Here’s Tiny Pasture’s post.

Here’s the uncommented upon comment:

Some politicians don’t like people who throw bombs

And here’s the grist for the mill:

In the comments thread, Hobbs replied. “I posted that cartoon, and invited others to draw their own cartoons, as a way of protesting both American media cowardice and Islamist attempts to suppress free speech via threats of bombs and bullets and burning and beheading,” he wrote.

You couldn’t make anything out of that?  Nothing?

Come on, Nashville.  I expect better from you.

4 thoughts on “Oh, Come on, Tiny Pasture!

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  2. I was thinking the other day that the TN GOP probably needs to start doing some surveying of their membership & damage control (and not involve Hobbs in it). I’ve had conversations with three diehard, lifelong TN Republican voters since the Michele Obama affair – one of the three a member of my family, and another of the three very influential in the TN GOP – and based on my casual survey, the sentiment is 100% thinks Hobbs is a buffoon and an embarrassment to the Republican party in the state. One of the three even went so far to say that if Hobbs keeps his antics up, the party may find a significant amount of voters they thought they could count on voting in whatever direction Hobbs is NOT supporting.

    Kind of ironic in the wake of the Egalia vs Democrats convo, but I thought it interesting. Obviously Hobbs is turning off some of his own – if there’s these three, wonder how many more are out there feeling the same way? – whether they will actually jump ship or not… so is the GOP going to continue to let him run rogue, or do some damage control before what seems like a potential possibility that lifelong diehard TN GOP’ers are considering jumping to independent?

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