If you don’t read The Comics Curmudgeon, I can only assume it’s because you have no joy in your life and prefer to spend your days alone in your basement building tiny models of places you wish you had the guts to visit.

Or you just didn’t know such a site existed.

Anyway, today he’s talking about Judge Parker, which is one of those strips most folks skip over in the funnies.  But today, we learn that one of the characters has been arrested for growing pot, and that she was lured into growing pot by her farm worker, Alfredo, who is, of course, Mexican.

Because nothing says “Mexican” like Alfredo.  Just the other night, I, myself, was sitting here eating that famous Mexican dish–Chicken Alfredo–while watching that famous movie full of the drama of a powerful Mexican-American organized crime family, Fredo being one, The Godfather.

But my favorite part of this strip is how the implication is that it would take some foreigner to expose good Americans to the woo woo weird world of marijuana and not the more likely truth, which is probably that that chick’s grandson turned her onto it.

3 thoughts on “Alfredo?!

  1. If her grandmother is named Alfredo I can see that she might want to try to avoid explanations by giving the cops a cover story.

    I’ve met Spaniards named Alfredo; it’s not that farfetched a name in Castilian.

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