Someone Spoil It for Us

Neither the Butcher nor I can bring ourselves to watch the end of the “Teenage Love Affair” video by Alicia Keys.  Does the dude show up for the talent show or not?

Also, does that Cold Play song ever stop sucking?  And why do I have to look at dude’s teeth?

And why does the Butcher’s cute friend with the curly hair think Denver averages 50 degrees in the winter?  Is there another Denver?  Do we have some misconceptions about Denver?

4 thoughts on “Someone Spoil It for Us

  1. The yearly average is 50. If you just factor in jan/feb/march, it probably averages 35 degrees or so. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Denver, and I love the weather there.

  2. I actually looked it up — the annual average is 50, and the winter average is above freezing…. because although it snows, the snow doesn’t stay.

  3. Ask imfunnytoo about Denver’s weather. This year might have been an aberration, but there were a lot of big snowstorms where the snow stuck around — she reports that the snow usually comes and goes quickly, but that might be changing.

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