The Long-cut

We were talking about this the other day–how hard it is to get to Swett’s.  And I meant to bring it up here, to see if anyone else has noticed this:

There appear to be two types of people in Nashville–those who can get to Swett’s and those who can’t.  The first few times I went to Swett’s, I thought, “My god, could they have put this restaurant in any more of a difficult place to get to?” because the people driving me were taking lefts and then rights and then lefts some more and then doing U-Turns and three-point turn-abouts and then, just when you’re like “I’m either going to die of hunger or car-sickness” magically, you’re there.

But, it turns out that all you have to do is go down Charlotte to 28th, turn, and it’s there on the right.  It could not be simpler to get to.

And yet, it turns out that I’m not the only person who’s noticed that people have a hard time getting there, that they literally seem to drive around in circles until they find it.

I just wonder what’s up with that.  Is Swett’s the kind of place you take the opposite of a short-cut to get to?

8 thoughts on “The Long-cut

  1. OK, that’s hilarious. I was going to take the family there the other night, but I didn’t because I can never remember how get there.

  2. lol…I discovered the 2 turns awhile back myself…but there’s another way, besides 28th…if you’re going down Charlotte from downtown, take a right onto 20th (at the Citgo), and an immediate left onto Clifton, and it’ll be down on your left.

    They also have one at the Farmer’s Market!

  3. the one and only time I went to that location, someone else was driving… and he did the 2 turn thing.

    mmmmmmmmm, Swetts….

  4. I couldn’t get up in time to go to the unity breakfast this morning, but if you went, would you please post about it? I don’t know anyone who planned on attending and I want to hear about it.

    Thanks! :)

    PS–I’ve always had trouble getting there,too.

  5. Swett’s is easy to get to if you own a map or aren’t scared to drive around ‘that part of town’.

    Harper’s over on Jefferson kick’s Swett’s ass.

  6. Sharon, in one of those strange turns of the internet, Swett’s was just on my mind this morning. I didn’t even know there was any kind of unity breakfast there until you said so.

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