7 thoughts on “You Mean It’s Hard to Turn Free Publicity into Funds?

  1. It should tell you that no matter what you think of his politics, he is not part of any power structure or patriarchy you are trying to bring down. He is on the outside — as are those kooks you speak of.

    He may be someone you disagree with or someone you do not wish to get power or control but he is not your enemy. He is not powerful enough to hurt you.

  2. Except, of course, he gives really divisive rhetoric a nice, American face and thereby lends it credibility. Young conservatives, and women conservatives are drawn to him…I saw that on Blogger day at the Hill.

    You can’t convince me that he wouldn’t accept corporate money were it offered.

  3. By all means, single him out. None of the politicians you worship are begging for money. Hillary didn’t practically embarass herself with how bad she was begging.

    Here, let me help…you’ve got a little log in your eye.

  4. Kleinheider, you get back to me when it’s your feet in the stirrups. Then we’ll see whether you think Campfield’s not powerful enough to hurt women.

    Exador, it’s makes me a little embarrassed for you when you forget which blog you’re at and start ascribing to me traits more appropriate to other liberal blogs. Is that senility a function of old age?

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