Newscoma’s Monster

This post made me laugh.  Out of everyone I know, I really hope Newscoma finds and photographs Bigfoot, or at least some Bigfoot-type thing.

But I’ve got to tell you, I firmly believe that Squirrel Queen probably already knows Bigfoot.  See, Squirrel Queen is the type of woman who knows everyone, or at least knows someone who knows them, and not much fazes the Squirrel Queen.  I would say that years of living at Chez Coma will probably do that to a woman, but I don’t want to get beat up by the other inhabitants of said house.

I’m just saying that it would not surprise me to learn that Newscoma came home one day to find Squirrel Queen and Bigfoot having a beer on the porch.  Newscoma would be all “Oh, my god!  It’s Bigfoot!” and Squirrel Queen would be all “Stan?  Shoot, you think Stan’s got big feet, you should have met his grandpa.”

2 thoughts on “Newscoma’s Monster

  1. I think she does know. She knew about the Goosepond Swamp Monster and didn’t say a word.

    For 20 years, she hasn’t said a word.
    I’m throwing things at her after I type this comment.

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