Can I See the Future with Google Reader?

So, I was just about to tell you about my dreams for built-in bookshelves and how I had been reading over at Dooce’s and saw a room that had just the kinds of shelves I want only to realize it’s a picture of a bookstore and I go over to Dooce to link to it and…

No picture of a bookstore full of bookshelves.

Has it not been posted yet?  Can I use Google Reader to see the future?

Oh, wait.  I’m stupid.  Here it is.

Anyway, we’re doing the home inspection next week.  I’m trying to figure out what color to paint the places that are painted that weird red/purple, something that really shows off the wood, which past owners have been smart enough to leave untouched.

For a while there was this show on HGTV where they’d show you what your room would look like in different colors and explain what certain colors made a room feel like and which ones would blend in with your wood and which would set it off.  I need color advice like that.

And, I wonder, if the home inspection goes well, if I can plant my wisteria ahead of time…

But the main thing I wonder is this.  What will Mrs. Wigglebottom make of the back yard?  In the whole time she’s lived with us, she’s been allowed off-leash outside for longer than from the car to the front door a whole grand total of four times.  It’s hard for me to imagine what that will be like for her to have a whole yard to run around in or lay in the sun in.  It makes me so happy to be able to do this for her.

I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I am pants-pissing excited about doing it for myself (shoot, just the thought of putting in real bookshelves and ditching the pressed board messes makes me so happy I about can’t stand it).  But letting my dog into the back yard?

Damn.  That’s going to be something.

7 thoughts on “Can I See the Future with Google Reader?

  1. If you’re talking about that show where the designer brought out a color wheel of various objects, yuck. I loved the IDEA, but the rooms always ended up looking pretty bad.

    Match the value (lightness or darkness) of the color to the value of the wood. I’ve seen some pretty bizarre color matches that actually looked pretty good because the values of the colors matched. Unpainted wood generally has a warmer hue (unless it’s something like ebony, and even that is a warm black). So if you want the wood to pop, paint with a cooler color (blues and greens), if you want it to blend in more, paint with a warmer color (reds, oranges).

    Psychologically speaking: blue is a relaxing color, yellow is an angry color, orange is a hungry color (great for dining rooms), and reds and purples are more formal colors.

  2. I like light colors because they open a room. Or you could just get a certain artist to draw and paint a mural of river scene and then do a river dance. Or if they leave the fish tank and since blue is a calming color, you could do a whole mural designed around underwater.

  3. I think my earlier comment got eaten. But anyway, you can use the Behr paints site (Explore Color tab on the Behr site) to compare paint color combos in a pretend room, or for a small fee ($4.95) you can upload your own home’s photos to the site and then try out all kinds of color combinations in your own actual/virtual room(s).

  4. P.S. The Behr Color Smart tool is free and you don’t need to register if you don’t want to save your color scheme “workbook”.

  5. A House for Aunt B. A backyard for Mrs. Wigglebottom . It’s a milestone. It’s a wonder. It’s about time.

  6. They have a try it out in a real room thing at Home Depot or Lowe’s. You know, those stores people involved in home improvement projects visit to so they can fight. I think it is like the Behr one but on their computer in the store. I’m not sure what paint brand it is. Maybe it is Behr?

    I know you cannot save big money at Menard’s in your current location, but I am assuming Home Depot and Lowe’s are national.

    I expect pictures of your dog in your backyard!

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