5 thoughts on “Enough to Make You Cry, Even the Menfolk

  1. I have had the honor of knowing Mr. Scott for amny years through the Center for Southern folklore and the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival, and I didn’t know about this, this is wonderful beyond words.

    Thank you for posting this…

  2. Interesting. I love the story’s passive voice about all the things that just sort of ‘happened to’ those Negro Leaguers.

    Seriously, though, this does call to mind the recent steroids ballyhoo. If we’re going to put an asterisk on Barry Bonds’ accomplishments for having allegedly boosted his career with extracurricular substances, should we also put an asterisk on every white player who played before Jackie Robinson? After all, they knowingly played with the unfair advantage of not having to compete with some of the best talent in the game.

    Would Barry Bonds (a dedicated workout freak, with or without chemicals) have eclipsed Hank Aaron without using steroids (allegedly)? We’ll never know for sure. Would Joe DiMaggio have kept his major league hitting streak alive for 61 games if he’d faced Satchel Paige a few times? We’ll never know for sure.

  3. I’m sorry, is there a point to your question, Lee? Last I checked, Roger Clemens (white, no?) was the latest marquee player to be dragged through the mud of public (and congressionally supported) insinuation.

    However, in spite of the Clintonian nature of salacious and irrelevant detail surrounding the Clemens witch hunt, I don’t see Mr. Clemens’ freedom being threatened (yet). Certain prosecutors can’t find anything better to do, though, than keep trying to lock up Bonds.

    My suggestion is for baseball to let the whole thing go. Some of us baseball fans get more rankled by the naked hypocrisy than by the possibility that some guys might have taken some steroids or other substances.

    And Congress, well, don’t get me started on those m—-f—–s. As long as we’re bogged down in an illegal occupation in Iraq, and we’ve got an executive branch violating international law and our own Constitution every five seconds, they should be taken out and lashed for wasting time on sports.

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