Things Like this Just Didn’t Happen in the Methodist Church

A Knoxville dude is suing his church for not catching him when the Spirit moved him.

When I was growing up, in the Methodist church, at most the Spirit moved you to bring a casserole some place, which, though often meant 12 green bean casseroles at a funeral dinner, never meant anyone got sued.

4 thoughts on “Things Like this Just Didn’t Happen in the Methodist Church

  1. Hee! I was a bit surprised that my church’s name wasn’t attached to the article. Several people take turns being moved by the Spirit there.

  2. All this time I could’ve been living off the proceeds of the lawsuit against my best grammar-school friend’s church.

    I’mma tellya, you’re raised in the Church of Christ and you go visit a Pentecostal church when you’re nine years old, you don’t need much of a shove to wind up on the cold carpeted concrete floor. Whew.

    You Methodists are much more rowdy than the CoC. The Spirit usually just moves us to sing complicated harmony.

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