The Dog Smells Like a Baby’s Butt

Poor Mrs. Wigglebottom is suffering.  She’s got some annoying skin problem that I had hoped was just fleas–maybe some type immune to Frontline–but every day I look her over and I don’t see any.  Just her and her itchy, patchy, skin.

Today, I covered her in baby powder.

I am at my wit’s end.  I can’t afford to take her to the vet until after the house stuff is settled.  But her unhappiness is my unhappiness.

So, I figured, if baby powder is soothing and she needs soothing, well, on it goes.

I am cautiously optimistic.  She has stopped scratching and her efforts to lick at the itchy parts are thwarted by the powder.

But now everywhere she goes, she’s followed by the scent of baby’s bottom.

At least she tolerates this kind of nonsense well.

6 thoughts on “The Dog Smells Like a Baby’s Butt

  1. Kirby, the blind dog that is like a cat who resides with us at Chez Coma, has skin issues. A vet told me to use Benedryl cream on her hot spots and it seems to give her relief when she gets one.
    Baby powder smells good though. When I read your title, my first though was the less than pleasant smell of baby poo.

  2. Baby powder keeps things dry and prevents chafing and other moistness-related issues in areas that don’t dry out well.

    If it’s an issue of too dry, though, a cream or emollient would be better. Not a lotion – those have too much water in them. The water in a lotion evaporates, which pulls water out of the skin and dries it out even more. At least, that’s how the theory goes.

    Theory aside, though, if she’s responding to the baby powder, stick with that. Even by just being a barrier to excessive licking, it may give the areas a chance to heal.

  3. Allergies. Try Newscoma’s recommendation, and if that doesn’t work, call her vet and ask for steroid treatment. (Not long term, but enough to clear skin allergy)

  4. Also make sure your baby powder is cornstarch based and not talc based (it probably is, as I’m not even sure they sell talc-based power anymore). Talc is getting more and more known for causing various health problem in humans, and I can only imagine it wouldn’t be any better for a dog especially if she licks the area.

  5. We give ours childrens benadryl and that works great. Our big dog (90 pounds) gets 2 a couple times a day. Once he and I both got eaten up by ants and there was a lot of little pink antihistamines being eaten just to stay sane.

  6. My dog has allergies too. Itchy red skin all the time. Our vet told us to put her on benadryl, adult strength, she is 80 lbs, she takes 3 a day. I give them to her in the am before I go to work. It helps a lot. They actually said she can take that much twice a day, but that makes her too sleepy and once a day knocks out the itchiness just fine. They determine how much to give them based on the weight, so call your vet and ask. I’m telling yah, benadryl, it’s a wonder drug for my sunnydog! I dont know what part of town you are in, but Southside Animal Hospital in South Nash. on Nolensville Rd is awesome about having VERY low rates, by the way. And they are super friendly and knowledgeable and have an allergy specialist!

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