Well, By God, if Hating Immigrants Was Good Enought for Roosevelt, It’s Good Enough for Me!

I’m with Mary Mancini, Eric Crafton’s website does seem to be implying that Teddy Roosevelt was the original crafter of the English-as-Official-Language-of-Nashville movement.

Why is it that the people most invested in English as Official Language seem to be the ones with the least compelling grasp on how it works?

My favorite part is this: “all official government communications and publications shall be published only in English.”

Let’s start asking ourselves how that would work.  All official government communications.  All.

Such as, perhaps, the names of streets and communities?

Belle Meade?




Buena Vista?



It seems to me that all signs–which are official government communications–with non-English words on them would have to come down or be changed.  I wonder what that would run the city.

6 thoughts on “Well, By God, if Hating Immigrants Was Good Enought for Roosevelt, It’s Good Enough for Me!

  1. How can you even begin to argue that? Of course names are a language. They’re actually the main means of identifying language and culture. There’s a huge difference between being Richard and Ricardo. Shoot, look at a city like Montreal, where business has to be done in both French and English. Their signs are bilingual.

    But, hey, if Crafton wants to play it that way–that he means “English only” but not when it’s inconvenient, fine. I find that to be quite silly.

  2. you if anyone should know, B., that if we start cleansing the English language of foreign influence word by word there won’t be enough left to communicate with before we’re half done.

    seriously, even if i were crazy enough to support an English-only policy, the only reasonable goal of it would be for the government to communicate effectively in English. as long as the message of “this is what street you’re on” is effectively communicated to someone who only speaks English, that goal would seem to have been reached.

    honestly, i can see a real justification for an official-languages policy, on the state level if not federally. it could serve to clarify, “these are the languages the state government will go to effort to communicate with you in; if you can’t manage any of them, you’ll have to help us find an interpreter or translator, because we can only guarantee we’ll have such for these ones”. and one of the main reasons i don’t really support even that much is that i’m a cynical bastard who’s convinced ASL (just for instance) would “somehow” get left off the list.

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  4. I heard on Paul Harvey (yes, I listen to Paul Harvey on my old timey AM radio) that, get this, Americans in Arizona and crossing the border into Mexico due to economics… the economics driving their migration? Gas prices. Arizona residents can save almost $15 per tank buying gas over yonder. Gas is around $2.86 in Mexico.

    Soon enough, they’ll be wanting a fence up to keep us out of living the good life.

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