4 thoughts on “Like I Was Saying

  1. Maybe the name business is just a front, and what they’re really after is his parents’ professions at the time of his birth. Perhaps he has secret older brothers or sisters.

    Or would that be too complicated a scheme?

  2. Don’t think too much about this; that’s the point. It isn’t supposed to make sense, it’s supposed to push buttons with a very specific audience.

    This is really eerie, in a way, now that I’m reading Nixonland. The Republican Right has long since learned how to sling scum, and they know their base will eat it up no matter how stupid it might look to relatively sensible voters. In fact, the more ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ point out how stupid these kind of attacks are, the more traction they’ll gain with the unwashed masses of the right wing.

    Of course, it helps that there is no true opposition party and that corporate media amplify the stupidity as though it has merit.

  3. There’s hope, thank goodness.

    I know a lot of people who simply avoid the news because the corporate media is too painfully stupid to endure.

    It’s a slow process, but they’re very gradually waking up to the fact that I seem to be up on a lot of news, but I avoid the corporate media even more than they do. Hopefully this will lead to them also embracing better news sources.

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