19 thoughts on “Do You Want to Watch Kat Coble Have a Heart Attack?

  1. I should say two things. 1. Whew, this song sucks. and 2. I learned about its existence over at La Chola’s, though I’m not sure if she’s back and welcoming links or just finding her sea legs, so I’m not linking to her here, but if you want to read her, you can find a link to her in the blog roll.

  2. I got 12 seconds into it before returning here to scold you for posting that.

    I hope your bank statements are somewhere in Wigglebottom’s intestinal tract.

  3. I think there are an awful lot of people from my Appalachian-adjacent TVA-lake-having small town who are really going to love this song. It’s a summer song – those are never brilliant. B, why do you hate poor white people and their culture? ;)

  4. Well, it apparently was done with Jordan’s blessing, or at least full songwriter credits for both bands. So at least the heirs are making some money off of it.

    Had the mashup of the originals been done in a club by a killer DJ on a Satidday night, I would have been the tallest one up front screaming “HELL YEAH” and waving a beer bottle and dirty-dancing with my ex.

    (Please forgive me for corrupting y’all’s minds with that visual of my redneck pirate days.)

    However. Yes, with the Kid Rock slime on it, it does indeed suck bug guts. Waooooooooooooooo.

  5. I am, as of this moment, bitterly clinging to God, guns, and antipathy of people named Rock after having watched that.

    Though Cowboy still kicks ass.

  6. This is already the number one hit on the jukebox at the Sportsman’s Grille. The chilluns apparently love it.

    I just ask the bartender to turn up the Cubs game.

  7. Brother Mack, if you can’t dirty-dance to Zevon and Skynyrd, there ain’t no Allah.

    And we all know there is an Allah, for how else would there have been a Zevon or a Skynyrd? Or the Rev. Al Green? Or barbecue of your meat of preference?


    I b’lieve I’m gonna have to leave work early today.

  8. Grandefille, my hysterical laughter was in part prompted by the though of you, (who I haven’t met, but I regard as a saintly, proper, oh so well coiffed southern lady) actually doing some deviation of “The Bump”, and, my aversion to that horrible Swayze movie. Seriously, it made Roadhouse look Oscar worthy.

  9. As Warren would say….play that dead band’s song.

    Brother Mack, if you can’t dirty-dance to Zevon and Skynyrd, there ain’t no Allah.

    This is true.

    I guess my only hopes are these:

    1. That I never have to hear it again as long as I live
    2. That Warren’s kids see some money from it.

  10. I love me some Kid Rock, so I’m not hating on him. I just think that song sucks stubbly balls. Though I do find it interesting that it’s a song ostensibly about Michigan with the two most recognizable samples being a song about London and a song about Alabama.

    That part, to me, is the truth of the song. No one I know sat in the midwest all “woo hoo, I hope this shit lasts forever.” You were always dreaming of getting out, even if you couldn’t quite articulate what “out” was. So, I guess I do like that a song about how much a particular place and time ruled is actually undermining itself with those reminders of how, when we were that age, we had dreams of being anywhere but at that particular place in that particular time.

  11. Well, look at it this way, Kat… tho it wont likely be 100%, there’s a good chance that at least some of the young’ns who get into this song will be led to actually discover – and hopefully appreciate – WZ thanks to this.

    Silver linings and all that. Music geek in me wanting to think positive I guess.

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  13. I like Lynnster’s take on it. It pays tribute and might even open some ears to Zevon’s stuff.

    I wrote a bit about the song when I first heard it. Against my knee-jerk wishes, I actually kind of like it. It’s certainly not original, nor does it try to be. Heck, even the vocals sound more like Mellencamp than Kid.

    I give it a C. A no-risk summer lakeside hit.

  14. I just played that for my husband. He says “why not just do a medley of their [WZ and LS] songs and be done with it?

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