Paisley Picks Previous Poesy

So, now Brad Paisley’s releasing an old song as a single.

Did I ever tell you my Brad Paisley story?

Oh, I did.

Anyway, I don’t believe that 9513 is “the web’s premier country music blog,” but I want to buy those dudes a beer for having the balls to claim to be.

9 thoughts on “Paisley Picks Previous Poesy

  1. What other half-way intelligible, thoughtful country music blogs are there? I count… um… none. Don’t get me wrong. I love you guys and think folks should read and ponder you. I’m just saying, it’s a bit like that one-eyed man in the country of the blind.

    What other choice do we have?

    Anyway, like I said, I’m just teasing y’all.

  2. Before I say this, let me preface this by saying “not hatin’, just askin’…” (Otherwise, I’ll sound all smart-assed when I’m really just curious.)

    Seriously, is there lots of call for country music blogs? I listen to a lot of country music and I’m on-line a hell of a lot and I personally have never thought “hey, I need to know what Brad Paisley’s fine ass is doing today….let me go consult the premier country music blog.”

    But I am not everybody. It looks like a fine endeavor. I’m just a little surprised that rednecks and screen tans go together.

  3. Wasn’t Brad Paisley singing at Tootsie’s the night our mutual friends (is that right? or are we their mutual friends? anyhow) came to town and we wandered drunk up and down Broadway consuming way too much whiskey only to leave the SuperGenius peering sadly out the window of the hotel?

  4. Apropos of nothing . . . other that the fact that it has to do w/ country music. Sort of.

    Was at Starbucks the other day & saw they had a drink called “Doubleshot on Ice.” I couldn’t stop grinning because the 1st thing that popped into my head was, “Ooooh! Icecapades does country death-ballads!”

  5. Bridgett, I love it. Obviously. I don’t know. For me, it’s so refreshing to find folks writing about country music without that whole “oh, god, look what the hicks are doing” or “golly, the Keith Urban is hot” shtick that I’m really ready to send them beer money.

    I mean, though, yeah, I guess it’s the whole No Depression problem. How big is an audience for people who write smartly about country music?

    Sadly, I think I can guess that, at best, it’s probably 100,000 people.

    Professor, no that was… oh, god, I can’t remember his name, but it wasn’t Brad Paisley. It was someone with more facial hair.

  6. Well, ND never really had a circulation problem. Their readership was very stable, and was gradually increasing at the time they folded. They were done in by rising paper costs, mailing costs (if you want a perfect example of large corporations using Congress to screw small businesses, look at the postal rate hike of a year ago that wrote in deeeep discounts for magazines with circulations over half a million and raised the prices for everyone else to compensate), and the consolidation of record labels which resulted in a decrease in music advertising. Not that I’m a circulation statistics nerd or anything.

  7. I’d just love to see Michael McCall and Bill Friskics-Warren and Michael C. Gray and Peter Cooper start their own music blog and just write the living hell out of EVERYTHING that goes on in Nashville music. (I apologize for not including any female writers in that list, but I honestly cannot immediately recall any who have the depth of industry, critical and musical knowledge that they do. Plus, I’ve worked with all of ’em and they’re great guys. Please please please add equally gifted female writers to my suggested roster, y’all.)

    And am I the only one who initially read it as “… only to leave the SuperGenius peeing sadly out the window of the hotel?” Because, man, that is a mind-bogglingly poignant (and pathetic, too) image.

    Just me, then? All raht.

  8. I didn’t take it as hating. I just wanted to point out that we’re a publication built on honesty, and that statement (as quoted in this post) is no different.

    Our claim of being “premier” is based on readership, among other things. The bottom line is that by most metrics, CMT is the only country blog that comes anywhere near us in terms of unique daily readers or fresh content.

    There are a lot of great, smartly written country blogs out there, though. Kevin from Country Universe has a lot of cool editorial pieces, for example.

    As a response to the Professor…I almost hate to use the term “blog” when I describe what kind of publication we are…and for that very reason. We don’t write about what Paisley’s fine ass is doing on any given day (outside of our daily news roundup). We’re not a gossip blog, and we’re not a place where people just randomly blurt out whatever views they might have on any given topic.

    We have a team of highly dedicated and knowledge writers and editors. Personally, I’m a professional music critic and journalist. Aside from our reviews, we interview artists on a regular basis. Are we a blog? Sure, but the line between blogs and other forms of new media is very thin in some cases. And I think that’s true in our case.

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