4 thoughts on “The Trouble With Kittens is that They Grow Up to Pee in Your Drier

  1. When I had a baby (24 yrs ago) my cat responded by PEEING in my baby’s diaper bag!!!! Can you believe anything so OBVIOUS as that?!

    “Here’s what I think of that new tiny human you brought home!”

    Now, a drier, I dunno. Just cause its nice and warm, maybe? Can’t be just jealousy –unless you are spending too much time with your drier, Aunt B. :)

  2. Another painfully pointed cat message:
    when my mom feeds her cats a can of something they don’t care for, they will scratch exaggeratedly at the linoleum around their food dish in the same way they scratch at litter to bury their leavings.
    Translation: Not eating this shit.

    That little rolling kitty, though. : D

  3. daisydeadhead, I think it was just because it was clean, as opposed to the litter box. It’s funny because the cats seem to get that the Butcher is in charge of cleaning out their litter box and, if they are unhappy with the state of it, they let him know. I don’t–knock on wood–ever have those kinds of problems with them.

    tanglethis. Oh my god. That is too funny.

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