Weird Wednesday

I spent two and a half hours going over loan papers with the mortgage chick today.  I signed things, I listened as she explained things.  I turned over other things.  She made copies of this and that and some other stuff.  I signed some more stuff.

She has every single thing she needs except one sheet of paper, which she can have on Monday.

And I am spent.  I have reached the end of my abilities to think about anything with any kind of sense.

But I feel a kind of calm, because it it out of my hands.  I have done all I can do and now?

Now it is up to the house itself and whether it passes inspection and if it appraises for the price they want for it and if it doesn’t have termites.  If all that is as it should be, then we will move forward.

And I will own a home.

Which will be some of the most fucked-up crazy delightful shit I’ve ever heard.

I will go back to pondering what color to paint my room and how to get a little wall hanging that says

One’s own house is best, though small it may be;
each man is master at home;
though he have but two goats and a bark-thatched hut
’tis better than craving a boon.

Where, I ask you, are the heathen gift shops on the Net that will carry that kind of stuff for a girl?

Ha, maybe I can get something made at Cafepress…

Anyway, NM sent me a link to this book and I cannot wait to read it.  The book, not the link.

But I guess you knew that.

10 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday

  1. Can SQ and I come to the housewarming?
    Yeah, I invite us for no reason that we are proud of you. You rule.
    AND, you can go hunting for the Goosepond Monster here in Hoots.
    Yaay. We all win!!!

  2. A grill?! I’ll have a fireplace. What will I need a grill for?

    Newscoma, you can come visit, even if I don’t have a housewarming.

  3. B, you’re kidding, right? Congrats on the house, but making a fire inside when it’s July in Tennessee is not a great idea, unless you want to spend eleventy-million dollars on air conditioning.

  4. The waiting is always bad. It’s exponentially worse when you’re selling instead of buying though. At least you have that.

  5. This is about the book link, not the house, which I am really sorry you didn’t get, and not about peeing on the Sig Chi rock, either, which I would have made part of the women’s studies honor society initiation if I’d known about it when I was ws director. No, this is about that book–the central idea, that the secular and sacred worlds interacted much more closely than was previously believed, sounds so much to me like Native American beliefs. The whole notion of relations, gift, shapeshifting–it seems logical to me these are not isolated ideas occurring only to new world inhabitants but ideas in a stage of human life shared around the globe, although in different and specific guise. If anyone is out for an excellent read, I recommend the Calvin Luther Martin’s (pity that heritage!) The Way of the Human Being. Some of it will seem too whoo-whoo, but some of it is truly enlightening.

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