Speaking of Stuff from My Garden

Between the lavender, the jalapeno, the rosemary, and the roses the Man from GM sent me (though we may want to switch out roses, to something redder), I have the base for a wicked batch of love oil.  If any of you are up for that kind of trouble, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Stuff from My Garden

  1. Wicked is right if the jalapeno makes it into that oil!

    I vote for starting the garden over. Mid-summer is a bad time to move any of those plants. I wonder whether cuttings from any of those plants could be rooted and replanted at the new place.

  2. I’m just starting over. I’m taking the peppers with me, because they’re in pots, but the plants that are in the ground will just stay in the ground and I’ll have a new garden at the new place.

    The only thing I’m uncertain of is whether I’ve missed my chance to plant or if I can still plant this summer (or maybe early fall), especially perennials.

  3. I was talking yesterday to a friend who just moved, and he said he will be putting in some vegetables this weekend. I said I thought it was kind of late but he said that his grandmother, who lives a bit west of the city, often doesn’t plant her tomatoes until June and gets a crop in anyway. This seems strange to me, but what do I know?

    So far as flowers go, you can plant ’em as long as they have them for sale, pretty much. Herbs also. If you’re really concerned, you can grow them in pots now, winter them over indoors, and put them in the ground next spring.

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