See, This is Why I’m Glad to Say I’m a Liberal

Because, in this state, some of the Democrats are cringe-inducingly stupid and I’d rather have “B–Liberal” in people’s minds than “B–Democrat”. Because the stupid? Ugh. Like, say, Beecher Fraiser and Fred Hobbs* who think that Barack Obama might be a terrorist or at least a terrorist sympathizer.

“Maybe [it’s] the same reason I don’t want to — I don’t exactly approve of a lot of the things he stands for and I’m not sure we know enough about him,” Hobbs said when asked why he thought Davis wasn’t endorsing Obama. “He’s got some bad connections, and he may be terrorist connected for all I can tell. It sounds kind of like he may be.”

And, according to the TNDems, who’s fault is this?


How? How in the world is this the part of the Republicans? The Republicans in our state think someone would go to the trouble of faking Barack Obama’s birth certificate. They have the stupidist ideas for conspiracy theories ever! How are they concocting mind control devices that then allow them to turn Fred Hobbs into Bill Ho…

Oh my god.

Do you think that the TNDems just heard “Hobbs” and started shooting of their mouths about how much Hobbs sucks thinking this controversy was about the Republican Hobbs?

How mortifying!

*Does having that name turn you into an evil idiot? Because that’s the orange cat’s name and he does indeed sometimes spitefully pee on things, but often things he later wants to sleep on, but can’t because they smell like pee.

Edited to Add: Ah, but the other Hobbs does have a hand in this. Silly me, for thinking he’d have sense enough to mind his own business.

9 thoughts on “See, This is Why I’m Glad to Say I’m a Liberal

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  2. As I said under the previous post you made on the topic, these sorta things make me feel good about supporting Obama because if all the they (they being both the Republicans and racist Democrats) can dig up on the guy is completely and utterly unsubstantiated innuendo, then that alone puts him leaps and bounds above most politicians.

    BTW, on the name. It may reduce the evilness to add and E because my orange cat is named Hobbes and is the sweetest of all of them!

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  4. One cannot blame Fred Hobbs on racist Democrats or bigoted Republicans. One must blame Fred Hobbs for Fred Hobbs.

    I speak from more than two decades of impartial observance of the man’s shenanigans. He has never met a conflict of interest he couldn’t sign onto, nor has he intentionally educated himself about issues important to his constituents. He has bumbled along like Boss Hogg since the late 70s, turning on the “aw shucks, y’all, I jes’ didn’t know” excuse when he’s backed into a corner.

    I wish I had my clipping files with me and I’d scan some of the dang things so y’all could see what I mean. Unfortunately, none of the online newspaper archives seem to have him because he’s been under the radar for the last few years.

    When he starts muttering irresponsible inanities like “I dunno, could be a terrorist or sumpin’,” though, I think it’s time to start bringing out the big guns and saying things about glass houses and throwing stones. Hello, or the Scene or somebody with better archive access? It’s all there, from Eagleville to the Rutherford County School Board to the Rutherford County School System to businesses and now to the dang Legislature.

    I can blame the Tennessee Democratic Party for continuing to put him in positions of influence and/or authority, however.

  5. Dear Fred Hobbs,

    I would like to applaud your recent statement implying Barack Obama is a terrorist. We here at Bigots United for McCain know that John can not possibly win on the issues. We need fine upstanding Americans like you to muddy the waters and cast doubt on the character and frankly the citizenship of the presumptive Democratic Nominee. We simply do not need a black man in office. Do we want our grade school children pointing to Africa on the map thinking it is where they live? No Sir!

    If Obama gets in we will not be able to privatize Social Security and the country may very well spend a lot of money on health care for its populous instead of fighting wars in far off exotic lands. By the way, did you know Obama is Exotic? He is! And you can call him that on TV and not have to apologize!

    John McCain can’t say so but he appreciates your support so I will say it for him. We love your strong commitment to your race and to the Presidential race being won by a real American who is not black.

    Remember! Race, Party and then Country!

    Michael Meehan

    Executive Director
    Bigots United for McCain

    Bigots United for McCain dot com

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