Drying Time

Mrs. Wigglebottom loves having a bath.  She didn’t always.  But today, she was more than happy to get into the tub and more than happy to stand there while I shampooed and rinsed her.

But, like anybody, she didn’t really want to be towelled off.  She wanted to run around the house all wet and leaving damp pawprints in the carpet.

So, while I was drying her off, I sang her this song.

“Oh, it’s drying time again, you’re gonna leave me.

I can see that far-away look in your eyes.

I can tell, by the way the suds roll off you,

That it won’t be long before it’s drying time.”

Which I thought was pretty clever.

But she didn’t stick around for the encore.

3 thoughts on “Drying Time

  1. At least she waited for you to finish rinsing before roaming through the casa. All but one of my canines hate a bath. They splash, fight and struggle to vacate the tub at all costs and usually a wet escape is part of the process.

  2. Until two or three years ago, I had spent Dobie’s entire life chasing him down (which I now have to do with pretty much all four of the young’ns) and dragging him kicking and screaming to the bathtub.

    A few years ago, I nearly had a heart attack when he walked right in the bathroom and stepped into the tub on his own. Until then, my recently deceased Beagle-Dachshund was the only one who would take baths without a fit.

    I have also sung to him in the bathtub since he was a baby… lots of things, but most often Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage” (“the Dobie dog is in the tub”) and “Dobie, Dobie Crockett, he’s got big old ears”.

    He doesn’t like it one bit.

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