What Happened to Today?

I was so upbeat this morning and then about 9:30, I just felt like someone completely zapped my energy, like I hadn’t slept a wink all night.  Can a cold front make you tired?

Am I cursed?

Oh, did I tell y’all about my peppers?  First off, I’m growing cayenne, not jalapenos.  But that’s just stupidity on my part.  No, the funny thing is that, for whatever reason, my bell pepper plant is grown miniature bell peppers, fully formed, but the size of like a superball.

What do you make of that, gardeners?

Have I invented bonzai peppers?

11 thoughts on “What Happened to Today?

  1. Sigh, N.M., for goodness sakes. B absolutely LOVES the thought that she has indeed invented something. Why crush her like that?

    Not caring for this cruel streak you’ve been displaying of late.

  2. It’s just the cold, hard, truth. I can handle it. Sniff. I can. Sniff. Sniff. Please, just let me run away from love and try to play it cool.

    Okay, that may be too obscure and non-sequetorious a George Jones reference for a Monday afternoon.

  3. Cruel streak? cruel streak? CRUEL STREAK? I don’t have a cruel streak. I’m just telling B about how nature works. Nature would be cruel if it had intention, but I don’t think it does. But it will break your heart all the same. I mean, look at me. Here I am, B’s mentor in pepper gardening (not that she has paid the least attention to any of my teachings, but still), and she has peppers already while all I have is eggplant blossoms. That would be cruel, if it wasn’t Nature.

  4. I have things that look like a man slammed his family jewels in a car door.

    I don’t know that that counts.

    Well, at least my cayenne peppers are beautiful. Let’s overlook that I thought I was growing jalapenos.

  5. I have things that look like a man slammed his family jewels in a car door.

    That would be cruel, if it wasn’t Nature.

  6. Thats why i keep a spare pair.

    Better to have smething you don’t need, than to need something you don’t have.

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