Hobbs Tries His Hand at Subliminal Messages

So, I’m reading along to Bill Hobbs like I do every morning and I notice he’s got weird letters in his latest post bolded where others are not.

And I think, “Hmm.  This is odd.  Is it some kind of secret message?”

Let’s take a look:

Via Kleinheider: Fred Hobbs* Apologizes for saying Barack Obama has connections to terrorists and blames Fox News for using its magic powers to put that baseless and crazy notion in his head.

* Absolutely no relation to me whatsoever.

That’s Ayrbombr…

What the fuck?


Oh, Ayers bomber.

Ha, that’s kind of clever.  You know, if it were still 1970.

But, by all means, go on.  I love it when the Baby Boomers act as if they are the most important people on the planet and their concerns and triumphs and tragedies must continue to be the defining moments for our country.

I’m sure “We’re still pissed about things that happened before you were born” will make a stirring campaign slogan for the Republicans this fall.

6 thoughts on “Hobbs Tries His Hand at Subliminal Messages

  1. I’m confused. I understand that Henry Kissinger, among others, supports McCain. Can we expect the next subliminal message to be:

    Most of McCain’s supporters would make peace if they could come up with a process and are tr>/b>ying to develope one befor the election.

    ? No, I thought not.

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