13 thoughts on “They Were Preaching, Now They’re Just Meddling

  1. If Chef Wang’s was your reason to go to Murfreesboro, dude. Dude. Dude. Seriously.

    Mr. Ivy knows the health inspector out M’boro way and s/he won’t eat there. Needless to say, if the health inspector won’t eat there, nor shall I.

    When next you come to the ‘Boro, might I suggest Mimi’s Cafe?

  2. Dude. DUDE. If you are basing your choices of dining establishments on health scores, you are forkful away from a nasty bout with salmonella.


  3. What the fuck are you talking about, Mack? I’m talking about the health inspector, who sees nasty shit all the time, won’t eat at Chef Wang’s. And there’s not, apparently, many places this person won’t eat.

    Besides. I had e.coli when I was pregnant with Megs. Hospitalized for 2 weeks. (Pretty sure I got it at a party, not a restaurant, incidentally.) I laugh in the face of salmonella.

  4. I’ve heard that same tired cliche about every Chinese buffet in every town I’ve ever lived in. Seriously. Buffets, in general, are not the best choice when dining out. The very act of leaving food in a lukewarm container for the unwashed public to comb through invites all manner of bacteria…

    (I’ve got a pretty good handle on this topic, having managed one of the largest buffet operations in the free world, and, owning a full service restaurant and bar.)

    So, thats what the fuck I’m talking about.

  5. Since Chinese food (aside from picnic food and baked goods) is intended to be cooked quickly and eaten immediately, no “Chinese” buffet need be taken seriously. Anyone who eats at one is asking for a bad taste experience. Dudez.

  6. But this “Chinese” buffet was like… like a piece of art. It looked Chinese in a way that probably resembled nothing in China. All the employees were white teenagers and Hispanic men. They had ice cream. And spaghetti, and pizza and a huge salad bar and sushi as well as regular “Chinese” food.

    And every time we went, it was stuffed to the gills with people.

    Sure, it was about as Chinese as I am, but I still loved it.

  7. I’m sorry that you loved it and it’s gone. But the Chinese buffet craze in Nashville makes me laugh.

  8. Its not just nashville. In every city I’ve lived in for the past 25 years…these places have flourished. Most of the fare is fine to eat. In any buffet, avoid anything in a white sauce, cream or milk is NOT meant to sit for very long.

    The whole “all you can eat buffet” craze, (not just Chinese, look at Ryans, or Steak Corral) has always amused me. If you eat until you can barely breathe, perhaps these places are a bargain. Otherwise, its gluttony defined.

  9. And here all this time I thought y’all were coming to town to see me.

    I am bereft.

    Seriously, though, I can’t eat at any public eatery that says “buffet” anymore. I’ve witnessed too much at those places (*cough*ryan’s*cough*shoney’s*cough). And that’s where the Queen Mum wants to go when I say, “Here, let’s go to town and run some errands and I’ll buy you lunch.” When we try to take her anywhere else, she complains that it’s just too expensive. I finally convinced her, after a futile trip to Shoney’s on Mother’s Day in which they a) didn’t have the buffet set up as they claimed they would for the festivities and b) some woman stood and let her 6-year-old child cough repeatedly on and handle everything at said buffet, that it was NOT too expensive to go elsewhere. Because when you factor in the emergency room and prescription co-pays and the time out of work, eating elsewhere is a bargain. (Such as at Mimi’s, home of the delicious whatever-you-get-will-always-be-enough-for-another-meal menu!)

    If y’all are coming to Murfreesboro, just come eat at Far East. Everybody carpool and save gas, but come on down.

  10. 1. Mr. Ivy works in the restaurant business. He talks to the health inspector whenever h/she (I really wish I could remember whether it was a guy or a woman, and he’s not around to ask) comes around, and that’s one of the conversations they had. So not tired cliche, real conversation from my husband’s life. The health inspector also said to avoid Chef…crap, I can’t remember the name of the other place. It’s on the south end of Broad street and also has “Chef” in the name, that’s why Mr. Ivy and I had the conversation in the first place- it’s not a good idea to name your restaurant anything with “Chef” in the title. Anyway,

    2. But I am totally with you on the idea of buffets in general, Mack. I never can eat enough to get my money’s worth, and the idea of how much food they must throw away makes me vomitous. What a waste.

    3. I especially dislike chinese buffets in general, because the food always tastes like wet cardboard to me.

    4. How did I not know you lived in Murfreesboro, grandfille? I’m in M’boro all the time, we should meet up for lunch or something sometime!

  11. Wow about Chef Wang’s. I wonder how many people are out of jobs between the three restaurants. Seems like a messy situation all around.

    I’ve only eaten at CW’s a couple of times and wasn’t really crazy about it, but I think that was mostly due to my aversion toward buffets. Even if I only eat what would amount to a very small meal when I’m at a buffet (in which case, the money to food ratio means that I really shouldn’t be wasting my money at a buffet, which is why I don’t go to buffets unless it’s with people who are jonesing for it and I’m just going along), I usually feel gross and stomachache-y afterward.

    Then again, I don’t like Far East much either, and I know people who love it, so I think I may be a little weird about food in general.

    Ivy, was the restaurant in question Chef Raymond’s? I know some people who know the owner and think highly of him, but then I’ve also heard an ‘eeeww gross’ food story from someone who ate there, so I’ve never made the effort to eat there. I was actually thinking it had closed down, but now I’m not sure that that’s true.

  12. jblank- Yep, that’s it, Chef Raymond’s. It might be closed down- i’m hardly ever on that side of town and the convo Mr. Ivy had with the health inspector was many months ago. I know a REALLY nasty story about that place- a guy I know used to work there awhile back. I ate there once and it was pretty good, though, so who knows?

    Also, about the people that are out of jobs- I told Mr. Ivy to try to poach their now out-of-work servers, but he doesn’t think much of buffet waitresses, heh.

    I heard some fab gossip about Chef Wang’s today, but I have to qualify that it’s purely rumor- it’s 4th or 5th hand information. But I heard that the Chef Wang’s owner also is undocumented and is now in hiding. That’s the scuttlebutt from Mr. Ivy’s work. Everyone at Mr. Ivy’s restaurant thinks the Chef Wang’s thing is extremely hilarious. Me, I feel bad for all the people that worked there, both documented and undocumented. But I do find something amusing about it, I can’t put my finger on what it is, though.

  13. I might be confusing Chef Raymond’s with some other restaurant, as far as it being closed. The gross story I heard about it came from my brother after he ate there. I’m generally inclined to believe what he tells me, but I also figure that what he thinks he found in his food could’ve actually been something less gross.

    I usually try to give restaurants the benefit of the doubt, just because it seems like people take a story about a place and run with it, and the story just gets exaggerated and more disgusting. Like, I remember hearing years ago about the M’boro Logan’s and its urine-steak, which, when I googled about that, the first result was, funnily enough, a comment* on Music City Bloggers that you had refuted. It just makes you wonder where stories like that get started, and how much they’re rooted in truth (if at all).

    Having worked at a job in the last year that involves some food service, though, I’ve become more aware of how much patrons really are at the mercy of the cooks and the servers, and that it only takes one careless person to make something gross or unsanitary. I try not to think too much about it when I eat out. :)

    That’d be crazy if that rumor were true. I guess more info will be made public soon enough..?

    *http://www.musiccitybloggers.com/2007/11/20/holiday-party/ (Megan’s comment @4:52)

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