Well, Since the World Isn’t Ending…

I’m getting busy imagining weddings for my favorite couples.  ‘Coma, can we put Mabel in a tux?

Oh, I know, we’re still decades off from this happening in Tennessee.  We’ll probably have to amend our state constitution five different times, each to make gay marriage even more illegal than the last.  Shoot, by the time we get it out of our systems, it will be illegal for two guys to even stand next to each other in the bathroom.  All proctology exams will have to be done by women.  Lebanese people will not be allowed to live in the state, on the off chance our children will get confused.

But it’s still going to happen.

I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Well, Since the World Isn’t Ending…

  1. She would look fabulous in a tux. She, of course, wears her Tiny Cat Pants shirt around all the livelong day.
    Seriously, she does.

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