Speaking of the Scene

Join me in my quest to get Roger Abramson thrown off the blogroll at Pith so that I can be at the top.

My reasons so far for making the switch:

1. Ladies first.

2.  I post regularly, if not regularly about Nashville.

3.  Women on top was good enough for Lillith, it should be good enough for The Scene

4.  Roger Abramson is on friendly terms with the likes of me.  Do we really want someone who knows and is friendly with potty mouthed feminists who can’t hold their liquor representing the top spot on Pith’s blogroll?

5.  Roger Abramson has children.  As a childless spinster, I’m able to devote more time to being on the top of Pith’s blogroll.

6.  It’s been quite a while since I criticized The Scene.  Can we say the same for Roger Abramson?

7.  Roger Abramson’s last name is “Abramson.”  As in Son of Abraham.  As in Isaac and Ishmael.  Ishmael, the famed ancestor of Mohommad, making–using BillHobbsian logic–Roger Abramson a terrorist.  I, on the other hand, and named after patriotic flag-makers and saints.  Christian saints.  Does the Scene love America or not?

8.  Roger Abramson can’t get along with Terry Frank.  No, don’t try to turn this back around on me.  We’re talking about Roger Abramson here.

9.  Roger Abramson blogs under his real name.  Doesn’t he get how blogging works?  What?  He’s trying to be all credible or something?

10.  I can hook the folks at the Scene up with a great deal on tamales.

15 thoughts on “Speaking of the Scene

  1. Here’s another reason–if he gets thrown off then you move up, which by extension means I move up a slot as well. It’s a double win for feminism!

    And if they go through with it and throw out TGW, then not only do I move up TWO slots, but that makes it a win for the SANE feminists.

  2. You also actually blog on a regular basis. Whereas I…well…don’t. Hell, Phil Bredesen is a more frequent blogger than I am.

  3. Goldni, doesn’t S come before T? I think, if they chuck TGW, it’s good for Chris Wage, but not so different for you.

    Roger, ha.

  4. But I love Roger’s blogging. It makes me laugh (on purpose, in a good way). Sure, he’s wrong about everything, but he’s never stupid. B, you are beyond a doubt my favorite Nashville blogger, but I have to start a rival campaign to get Roger to blog more so he doesn’t get de-listed.

  5. Thats quite a distinguished list of blogs, to be sure. Must be heady to be on the same list as TGW, Stacey Campfield, and Bill Hobbs. Chris Wage is a political blogger? Who knew?

  6. Well, for starters, they’re blogs, so it’s not like any list of blogs is going to be all that distinguished. It’s like a list of types of dog poop. They’re all stinky.

  7. I’m just wondering what I did to get kicked OFF their blogroll. I post more than Abramson. Maybe it’s the lack of political content. Or maybe I don’t want to know…

  8. I told them that there’s only room for one Nashville blogger with big tits born in May on their blog roll and it’d better be me! My goal is to get everyone except me tossed off their blog roll.

    So, don’t get to comfrtubls Sean Braisted!

  9. Kat —

    I suspect that, as a former Scenester, I’m more or less just grandfathered in. Call it an “emeritus” position.

  10. I told them that there’s only room for one Nashville blogger with big tits born in May on their blog roll and it’d better be me!

    Reason #872 why I don’t blog.

  11. The Scene’s criteria for their Nashville blog list has never made any sense.

    I do enjoy me some Abramson tho. And you too of course.

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