Tamales–Good Enough for Robert Johnson, Good Enough for You

I waited all morning for Mack to call me, just so that I could go “Hello, Deer.” I don’t know that he found it as funny as I did, but boy did I!

But, he called to deliver me news so wonderful that I had to share it with you. Our tamale connect is back in town. And looking for people who love tamales. I would be one of those people. But, what do I know? You may be one of those people, too.

And, if you are, Mack is offering to hook you up–a dozen for $15 or two dozen for $25. That’s just $100 for eight dozen tamales! And what could you do with eight dozen tamales? Well, that’s between you and your god. I won’t speculate.

But, if you’d like some, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Mack. Or, heck, you can just get in touch with him yourself.

And, no, I don’t believe the tamales will be made with fresh venison.

Probably just plain old pork.

12 thoughts on “Tamales–Good Enough for Robert Johnson, Good Enough for You

  1. I think they could do chicken, if you’d like. They don’t make them until they have an order for them so I’m not sure why they couldn’t just whip up some chicken ones, if someone wanted them. I think the thing would be to be clear with Mack about whether you just want chicken tamales or if you want chicken tamales that have been made before they bring out the pork.

  2. Yes, chicken is made as well, with green chile. Not for wimpy palates, i might add. My son? Eats them with the hottest sauce he can find right on top. When the farts come, he laughs and laughs and calls it butt-lightning.


  3. Mmmm, mmmm. There are few things more tasty than a well balanced chile verde sauce. Would they also make chicken tamales with a red sauce, if asked? This is all sounding more and more enticing all the time.

  4. Ooooh, I need tamales. Can you add me to the pass along list for Mack? If he twittered I would contact him myself, but that’s a battle for another day.

    I remember those tamales and they were fabulous.

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