The Parks Department Counts as Gore Allies

Because, if so, they Gore allies won’t let me take my dog to the dog park, which clearly proves that Al Gore has a personal vendetta against me.  Or something.

Anyway, folks want to fly a hot air balloon over Gore’s houseAs I told Lee, what they fail to appreciate is that the rest of the old-money folks in Belle Meade sure as hell don’t want something as unseemly as a hot air balloon hovering just over their houses while all kinds of common riff raff float above them in the basket.

Otherwise, I’m sure they could have just moved their little soirée to the front lawn of one of the Frist houses.  But funny how that invitation was not extended, isn’t it?  Are the Frists in cahoots with the Gores?

Ha, do you all remember when the Belle Meade folks tried to make it illegal for anyone who didn’t live in Belle Meade to drive down Belle Meade Boulevard and how their own police had to point out to them that, under the proposed law, the police would be unable to enforce the law, because none of them lived in town and wouldn’t be able to legally patrol the Boulevard?

Good times.

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