Dr. Lover

I just got word that Dr. J’s lover has successfully defended his dissertation and become, as such, Dr. Lover. Dr. Lover has one of those last names that, no matter how strongly you feel about keeping your family name, you might stick on your exception list and so Dr. J and Dr. Lover are actually now Drs. [Their last name which is awesome], which tickles me a great deal.

I don’t think he reads Tiny Cat Pants, but I’m still shouting out to him anyway.

Congrats, Dr. Lover!


But speaking of last names that you would take, even if you felt strongly about keeping your own name, I’m trying to think what names I would for sure switch to. Now, if I married Stone Phillips, I would insist, constantly, on being addressed as Mrs. [My last name ;)]-Phillips. That would crack me up every dang time I heard it.

And I might make the switch for something really Irish. Who wouldn’t want to be B. Chuilleanáin? And I wouldn’t turn down any Slavic name with four consonants in a row. B. Szczepanski? I’m all over that.

So, there it is, Misters Phillips, Chuilleanáin, and Szczepanski, if you’re willing to give me your last name, I’ll make room for you in my bed. Just don’t crowd the dog.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Lover

  1. Szczepanski. Is that a Second Life name? That sounds really familiar. I LOVE Slavic names!

  2. It could be. I don’t play Second Life, though, so that’s not where I heard it. I think probably just growing up south of Chicago is what kept it in my mind.

  3. I love the Stone Phillips thing, hee.

    I love my family and I appreciate my heritage, but I have been hoping to get rid of my name for years because nobody can pronounce it or spell it. I suppose it was my stroke of usual luck that the two men I have come closest to marrying in the past were both of obvious Polish Catholic descent and had names much more unpronounceable and unspellable than mine.

    Current husband-to-be has a nice simple name sort of like your own and I am sooooo happy about that.

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