Well, So Much for That

We lost the house.

It sucks.

It’s sketchy.  The old buyers, who the sellers had assured us were out of the picture, are not.  They close Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.  I feel a little like they just put it back on the market to try to force the hands of the people who are buying it.

Well, fine.  Onward and upward.  Or something.

11 thoughts on “Well, So Much for That

  1. I’m sorry to hear this. If it’s any consolation, you have to know that karma’s a bitch and catches up to people who do skangy things.

  2. Oh, I’m soooo sorry. Unless Exador was the buyer, in which case he’s kind of hoist on his own petard or something. And you are almost certainly right about why the sellers put it back on the market, which makes it worse. Well, they say third time’s the charm.

  3. Kat Coble’s comment up there pretty much sums up my feelings. We will NOT give up. We will NOT surrender. Thank you Galaxy Quest.

    Karma is on my shit list.

  4. If the sellers would do that , then potential that they would have other less than honest tricks up their sleeve is pretty high too. Look at it this way, yes you’ve lost the lime green trim and bars on the windows, but you’re also dodging the drug dealer past, drive bys and the occasional probation officer visit and warrant server (at least for stuff you didn’t do).

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