A General Air of Silliness

We, in our family, believe in a general air of silliness (when we’re not busy being mean, depressed, jackasses, so flip a coin before you come to our family reunions), which is one of my favorite things about living with the Butcher.  We’ll be talking about something, like we were this morning about me possibly being The Left here in Tennessee, and it went on for a good fifteen minutes all the way to work just us trying to top each other with silliness.

It’s times like that I wish we had a pod cast as we’re pretty damn funny.

My favorite, though, are the discussions about the lottery, what’s going to happen when he wins it.  Today he was talking that, if he wins the lottery today he will a.) not be going to work tomorrow and b.) be giving me enough money not to outright buy a house, because he believes that paying a house payment builds character, but to allow me to purchase any house I wanted but still have a $200 a month house payment.

I’m all like “Why can’t you give the recalcitrant brother a house with house payments and just give me one free and clear?  Why do I always have to be the one with the character building experiences?”

And he’s like “You’re the only one of us who’s got a good foundation.”

Which, ha ha, but ouch.