I Wish I Had Never Seen You

This is the house we went knocking around in that I loved, a rehab in an up and coming part of town.  It was fun to see it coming together, to see all the nice little touches.

But now, I wish I’d never seen it.

Because, you know, you start to think–okay, I could make do without, say, the den or the dining room, if I could have a nice kitchen like that or a cool back porch like that or…

It doesn’t matter.

I just cannot believe how fucking ridiculous this has gotten.

Ah, well, what can you do?

A Photo of The Moat

If you embiggen it, I think you can get a sense of how it seemed to wrap around the whole house.  The only drawback (aside from it suggesting that there might be a drainage problem on the lot) was that it didn’t have a drawbridge.

In News Funny Only To Me

I have two months of vacation accrued. I need to take a big chunk of it because my work has this policy that you can only accrue two years worth of vacation and then it stops accruing.

This is hilarious to me for two reasons.

1. Two months’ worth of vacation? I could literally not work for two months and get paid. That is so awesome. And silly.

2. At some point, without me noticing, I’ve been here long enough that I get a month of vacation a year.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Edited to add: Even funnier is going in and saying “So, yeah, I’m just going to take two months, starting in July” just to watch the looks on folks’ faces.

I’d Heard, But Never Seen

Kathy and I looked at three houses today.  One was awesome, but too expensive.  So, let’s just ignore that.  The other two houses were… well, one had small trees holding the house up in the basement instead of regular lumber.  Literally with bark on and everything, just sitting down there resting on the basement floor, going up to the ceiling, and holding up the house.

I had heard that basements in Nashville were full of that kind of stuff, but I’d never seen that, until now.

But the other house…


It has a moat.

No, I shit you not.

A moat.

Kathy took pictures.

But we both agreed that it must have been a last strategy for dealing with some terrible water problem.

But the expensive house?

Oh, world, come on.  Someone send me $60,000.  Shoot, with the dollar being what it is, can’t one of you Europeans send me 12 euros?


Well, shoot.

Listen Up, Nashville Scene

Now that Stephen Fotopulos is head of TIRCC, you’ve got an excuse to put him in next year’s swimsuit edition!

Speaking of cuties, I notice you never include any fat, sloppy blogger bitches in your summer guide.  Is it because of some kind of envious fear of the wonderfulness of my boob freckle?

Also, you might consider John Lamb, who is cute in that Roger Abramson sort of way.

Just throwing some stuff out there for the new editor to mull over.

Two More

Kathy and I are going out to look at two more houses this morning (which means I need to go get in the shower right now!) and I am numb about the whole thing.  Still, at this point, I feel like you’ve got to keep moving, like a shark, keep those houses washing over you on the off chance you’ll step into one and say “Yep, this is it.”