I Wish I Had Never Seen You

This is the house we went knocking around in that I loved, a rehab in an up and coming part of town.  It was fun to see it coming together, to see all the nice little touches.

But now, I wish I’d never seen it.

Because, you know, you start to think–okay, I could make do without, say, the den or the dining room, if I could have a nice kitchen like that or a cool back porch like that or…

It doesn’t matter.

I just cannot believe how fucking ridiculous this has gotten.

Ah, well, what can you do?

9 thoughts on “I Wish I Had Never Seen You

  1. So, like, is the guy on the ladder visibly fixing stuff meant to be encouragement (look! we’re fixing everything that’s wrong!) or bizarre realism (when you think about this house, place yourself on that ladder, forever)?

  2. Oh, it is a really cute place…

    Maybe what you thought you need has changed?

    We’ve lived in a variety of configurations — if the place is right, why not?

  3. AuntB, for the $179,000 that house cost you could have another 1000 sq ft of brand new home just outside Nashville. That house you linked to is 1600 sq feet and crammed right up next to another home AND needs work. Are you concerned about the commute or not being close enough to the gay bar? I can assure you that neither are all that ;)

  4. This may be a blessing in disguise. The area may be “up and coming” but it is still one of the worst for drugs, prostitution, and violent crime.

  5. True enough. We asked the across the street neighbor what he thought of the neighborhood and he was all like “You want to live here? Um. Um. It’s okay, I guess, if you keep to yourself.”

  6. Who wants to heat and cool a 2600ft house?

    People who over-extended themselves to buy trophy houses will soon find out that utilities can run you out of a house…fast.

  7. I like that they list the “style” as “historic.”

    Um no, the style is (I’d say) American Craftsman. “Historic” has to do with time period, not style.

  8. it’s a really cute house -(love that style!) but feeling secure is really important!

    I think limiting your commute will get more and more important as fuel prices go up. My house is tiny – you don’t need a lot of house.

  9. Small house is better. Also, based on personal experience, I have to imagine sharing a bathroom with your adult brother has to be better than sharing a bathroom with your adolescent brother (I’m assuming you’ve already done that). I wonder how much a second bathroom adds generally to cost of a house.
    Our 2/1 is 850 sq ft. There’s pressure from family to get a bigger house since the kid was born, but small means we can remodel and decorate easier and cheaper than if we were in something bigger. Also, a small house forces you to pare down to what you really need and love, a concentration if you will.

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