In News Funny Only To Me

I have two months of vacation accrued. I need to take a big chunk of it because my work has this policy that you can only accrue two years worth of vacation and then it stops accruing.

This is hilarious to me for two reasons.

1. Two months’ worth of vacation? I could literally not work for two months and get paid. That is so awesome. And silly.

2. At some point, without me noticing, I’ve been here long enough that I get a month of vacation a year.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Edited to add: Even funnier is going in and saying “So, yeah, I’m just going to take two months, starting in July” just to watch the looks on folks’ faces.

6 thoughts on “In News Funny Only To Me

  1. This is exactly the kind of thing that happens in the first chapter of a mystery novel.

    I hope all of your distant relatives, old friends from high school and college or fondly-remembered coworkers from old jobs are okay.

    If this were a mystery novel one of them would turn up dead or missing and you’d have to investigate, cashing in your conveniently-accrued time off to snoop around.

    On the bright side, you’d also fall in love with the stubborn yet beguiling local sherriff.

  2. They have a stubborn yet beguiling former gub’nor, plus ‘coma and SQ are the very definition of Stubborn Yet Beguiling. (They’re just Stubborn about different things.)

    i realized the other day that I have almost three months’ annual and sick leave built up. That usually portends evil for me. I’ll probably cut my foot off mowing the yard today. HAH!

  3. You could just stop working on Fridays for the next year and a half. Or Mondays, since (for many) those are worse. Or if you didn’t work on Wednesdays, you could consider your “work week” to be only two days long; it’s just that some weekends are longer than others. :-)

  4. I have the coolest sheriff ever who has the deepest most southern drawl that is amazing.
    I am somewhat in love with my sheriff’s voice. It’s a good one.
    And he likes me. That’s always good. I also have the Goosepond Swamp Monster and you can hang out in dives listening to real (with the possibility of redneck) Americans talking about real stuff.
    Bring Grandfille with you.

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