What’s the Word?

I think the Missus’s family has a word for this, so I hope she chimes in if she sees this, but what’s it called when you’ve paused your TiVo so that you let real life (like say a football game) get about a half an hour ahead of you so that you can watch it while fastforwarding through commercials and so you do and then you finally catch up to real life and can’t fast forward through commercials any more?

My parents now have DVR at their new house and I wanted to wow them with the hip lingo, but I can’t remember it.

I did, however, remember that Maggiano’s is not the name of that chocolate place in the Quad Cities, but is instead the name of the Italian restaurant right around the corner from us.

So, that’s kind of sad. Oops.  Oh well.

4 thoughts on “What’s the Word?

  1. Tivo time- about 30 minutes behind live tv. Also there is Tivoid thats the process of shutting out the rest of the world to avoid discovering the results of a show or ball game you have Tivo’d.

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