In Which I Almost Die of a Stroke

So, we’re driving along and the nephew announces, “I see something black!”

“Is it a red door painted black?”

“No, it’s God.”

“God is in the car.”

“No, God’s clothes.”

“God’s a ninja?”

“Yep. Hei-ya!”

The Butcher: “Did you not see me trying to sleep here, man?  Who karate chops a man in his sleep?” I start to giggle, but try not to.  “Let’s see how you like it if someone karate chops you, for the rest of the day.”

I try harder not to laugh, but by now am so afraid of having a stroke, I have to guffaw.  Grandpa Dad tries to claim that it’s not that funny–a grown man karate-chopping a kid–but he starts to laugh.  Then he tells me that I have to stop laughing or he’s going to have an accident.

“Car or pee?”

“I don’t know yet.”