Am I Missing Something? How Does this Happen?

You’re Rocketown, a venue where adults and children are supposed to be able to go hear “appropriate” music in a drug and alcohol free environment.

And yet you book Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers?

And then are surprised when Wilkes’s penis gets whipped out?

Did you do no research before you booked these guys?

(h/t Nashvillest)

10 thoughts on “Am I Missing Something? How Does this Happen?

  1. The bookers at Rocketown are increasingly out of touch with the mission of Rocketown. I think they are confusing their desire for an uberhip rep with their desire to “reach people”. It’s morphed from “We’re here on a mission” to “we desperately want all these kids to look up to us.”

    I wrote about it last fall when they booked a known homophobic act just because that act would give them a big rep with their target audience.

  2. Granted, but there is some idiocy evident on the part of whoever books T’LSS, too. Why do you put them into a club like that? I have to think that the flashing was a result of Wilkes wanting to shock the crowd and mock the surroundings.

  3. The bookers read that TLSS had opened for Reverend Horton Heat and heard that they were “righteous.”

  4. And goodness knows we can’t expect bookers actually to know anything about the musical areas they’re fishing around in .

  5. I have to think that the flashing was a result of Wilkes wanting to shock the crowd and mock the surroundings.

    I have no doubt about it. It was his (very lame) attempt to be Jim Morrison.

  6. I think Morrison had bigger problems. Wilkes was just stuck in front of a crowd largely made up of the very folks his usual schtick mocks, and he needed to show that his mockery was real and angry.* Whereas Morrison … different set of issues.

    *If T’LSS were only on Bloodshot, they could lead with the arrest in their publicity for years.

  7. Weren’t they on Bloodshot briefly?

    Wait, according to Wikipedia, they were.

    Anyway, I agree with NM; I think Wilkes did need to show them that his mockery was real and angry. In fact, I have to say that I believe that’s probably why he wanted to do the show–to have a chance to get in front of an audience of the very people he’d love to express his disdain for.

    I’m not at all baffled about why TLSS did the show.

    I’m baffled about why a venue that markets itself on being “safe” for all ages didn’t get that their audience wouldn’t actually be safe with Wilkes and co. in the room.

    I saw them down at the Bluegrass Inn quite a few times and one show they did, I remember, Wilkes had a stool kind of out in front of him, where the tip jar would have gone if it weren’t being passed around the room at that moment and it was a great show, one of those where people are holding their cell phones up and you think “Wow, maybe this is how people get discovered” and this total Nashville type–you know the guy who goes out to bars but has that way of dressing so that you know he’s there on business as a part of the Industry, not like the rest of us plebs–buys a beer and sets it on the stool, like a tip, but you know, supposedly better.

    And I’ll never forget Wilkes just kicking that bar stool, sending that beer arching over the crowd and the look of utter confusion on that guy’s face, like “Doesn’t he know who I am? Doesn’t he know how things work?” and I was thinking that the answer to both of those questions was “Yes” and that’s why he did what he did.

  8. B, exactly.

    Plus my first reaction was that Bloodshot would love this, but I fact check because I love, and they aren’t listed on the Bloodshot website any more so I guess they have moved on.

  9. NM, I feel a little naughty, looking around the same corners of the internet as you at the same time, but I report back only to say that they are with Yep Roc now.

    And that I loved their Geico commercial.

  10. Yep Roc, huh? Yep Roc is not going to love this. They won’t hate it; they’ll accept it; but they just aren’t going to take it and run with it the way Bloodshot would have.

    Don’t feel naughty, just realize that we have a spiritual kinship that, um, moves the electrons, makes the ones and the zeros align, transcends the boundaries of space and time, and leads us to the same corners of the internet with a fated inevitability. Plus we are both nerds who look things up.

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