I Keep On Searching, Searching

Kathy and I are going back out today to look for houses.  We’re even looking in Madison.  Yes, folks, that’s what it’s come to.

I have no optimism about today.

I am convinced that we will not find anything.

Yes, I have become somewhat superstitious about this whole thing.  Every other time we’ve gone out, I’ve thought, “Well, today could be the day we find something” and every day has brought me nothing.  And so today I’m changing it up.

Of course, if the Butcher won the lottery last night, look for Mrs. Wigglebottom and me on this porch.

10 thoughts on “I Keep On Searching, Searching

  1. Have you guys poked around Donelson? There are several neighborhoods between Briley Pkwy, Lebanon Road and Elm Hill Pike that could have potential.

  2. Ex, I could work four day weeks for the next two years before eating up all my vacation time. Just one of the benefits of working for egghead academics.

    Saraclark, we have looked in Donelson, but we used to live out there and I’m about as excited about living there as I am about living, potentially, in Madison.

  3. Yeah, funny enough, we went back through the house on Litton. I just think it’s cute; it’s got a big basement where I could stick the Butcher; and I love the neighborhood. I’m going to try to see if I can’t get Mack in to give it a hard look and if he thinks it looks okay, we may make an offer.

  4. Ohhhhh, I’ve been rooting for that house ever since you mentioned it. I think the neighborhood is one where you’ll feel right at home, and there’s enough space there for you to have a good garden.

  5. Ummm…what’s wrong with Madison? Not that it seems terribly thrilling, but I have a reason for asking.

  6. Believe it or not, Madison was once where all the country stars lived. It was considered “way out”. HA. Kitty Wells still lives there. Earl Scruggs lived there until a few years ago. My mother in law still lives there and tapes her show at her house with the knotty pine cabinets.

    I think if you go to R. Stevie Moore’s most cool website about Madison, it might get you a little more stoked.

    Oh and Yours Truly lived in Madison for 5 years.

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