Wait! That Wasn’t a Part of the Show?

So, I think I wasn’t alarmed until after I got hit and then, it was mostly that I was so startled.  I kind of heard people yelling “B.’s gonna die!” and I certainly saw the fireworks tipping over and shooting straight at me, this dancing flashing popping swirl of light.  But it never occured to me to move or to be afraid.

I can only assume it had something to do with perspective.  From where I was sitting, it just looked like


But from where everyone else was sitting, it looked more like

B * * ****** *************.

I’m not even sure what hit me.  I think just the casing from something.  It wasn’t hot.  Didn’t burn.  Just ‘thud’ right into my arm.

Startled me more than anything.

The whole countryside was lit up with fireworks, everywhere you turned.  Smoke rolling through the trees and the pops of sound here and in the distance.

Does it ever grow less awe-inspiring?  I hope not.

And then, on the way home, there was lightning, like nature’s retort to the evening’s festivities.